Landkreis Cham Landkreis Cham

Checklist for a good start in the district of Cham

You plan to live and to work in the district of Cham? You have come to the Federal Republic of Germany recently or have moved from another region to us?

This step brings a number of changes with it. The following list is intended to be a guide for you. What has to be considered and what has to be organized? What you should not forget? Where to find more information, contacts and correspondents? The checklist is certainly not conclusive and can not provide answers to all questions. But it might be a help for you to find your way around more quickly in your new home.

1. Information from the Federal Republic of Germany

a) Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

2. Information from the district of Cham

a) Residence and naturalization

b) Habitation

c) Mobility

d) Money, banking and tax

e) Health and health care

f) Children and family

g) Insurances

h) Infrastructure

i) Vernacular language and integration

k) Work and job

l) School, education and academic studies

m) Shopping

n) Recreation and sports